John Jermyn

John Jermyn lives on the edge of the cliff at Fennells Bay, Crosshaven in County Cork. This proximity to nature has nurtured in him a fascination with landscape – the power, the atmosphere, and the mood that the seas, waterways and coastlines inspirit and generate.

His paintings explore different aspects, in contrasting settings, varying from tranquil shorelines or a still canal, to raging high seas, initially allowing a glimpse of its subject but then encouraging the viewer into something else, something bigger. Over the years he has gained a deep understanding of the Irish landscape, its people and its past. This understanding has created a highly individual painter who is held in high regard by those who are familiar with his work.

John’s proximity to nature’s elements provides him with the purest form of inspiration…

’Jermyn’s use of brilliant orange into red, which is common through many of these works, provides a strange twist. This use of colour could be described as supernatural but it curiously pulls the observer closer in to the painting and then beyond.’
Irish Times

John himself considers that working with this vibrancy in colour creates even greater opportunities to explore a subject. It lands one right in the middle of expressionism. Earlier last year he was selected to take part in Sky Arts Landscape Artist Of The Year 2015, as a wild card entrant, on location at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire. The programme was recently televised on Sky Arts Channel.

In recent years one of John’s paintings, ‘Looking Back’, was selected as the flagship image for the Northern Ireland organisation ‘Journey Towards Healing’; a faith based group set up by the Office of the First Minister, Stormont Castle, to support trauma recovery for all those who suffered during the troubles in the province. Such interest has grown from this positive effort that ’Journey Towards Healing’ has participated worldwide to provide a local and international context for constructive dialogue and creative thinking about trauma and spirituality. The painting ‘Looking Back’ captured the essence of this and it is something that John is very proud to have been involved in.

In April 2014 the Saatchi Gallery, London, exhibited a painting titled ‘Off Lamb’s Head’ which is representative of John’s style of work. A selection of his paintings were used in the set of a new film funded by both the Irish and Luxembourg Film Boards, and shot on location in both these countries. The movie, titled ‘Love Eternal’, was released during the summer of 2014.

John is also an art tutor and offers both one-to-one and group painting sessions.