Johanna Connor

Before 2000 I touched on graphic design & animation, studied painting, and found myself working for a fantastic Dublin theatre company called Bedrock under director Jimmy Fay.

At this point I realised I wanted to learn more about theatre. I was extremely lucky to secure a place in the renowned Motley Theatre Design Course, London. It was there, taught by legends of the stage, that I was initiated into the wisdom of process. Process can be likened to a map. A map gives us options for getting from A to B. Process gives us method. The choices we make, the mistakes we learn from, and the chance meetings we dare to explore create the wonders of our individual existences.

After the Motley course, I returned to Ireland and worked successfully as a theatre designer. I branched out into the film world. My life & work were beginning to take shape. Alas nothing lasts forever, change is always. In 2000 the unreversible happened… I nearly died. Strangely, this dark time became invaluable. It made me stand back, take stock and re-evaluate my life, allowing me to revisit forgotten childhood dreams.

Serendipitously in 2001 I met Budley, Gabby and Bishop. The child within awoke as our journey to new awareness and a new life began…. on the road to Nearly There.