Jo Ashby

Jo’s journey into art and painting began at home as both her parents were practicing artists and art teachers. At a young age she was determined to set out on a different path. Whilst Jo grew up in Birmingham, much of her childhood was spent along the coast of Devon and Cornwall where her parents spent much of their time.

Jo has long been interested in exploring the place where elements meet – where the sea meets the shore; where land meets the sky. She has developed this by exploring the sharpness of close focus, contrasted with softer, blurred areas in her work. All this creates a sense of wistfulness and a haunting quality to her work.

Living on Sherkin Island on the West Coast of Ireland affords her a closeness to her preferred subject matter, the result of which is evident in how she captures a sense of place. Her work does not assume to be an accurate representation of her subject matter and instead aims to explore the relationship between land and sea or land and sky.

Her deep love of drawing is evident as she states and re-states the complex geology and contours of the coast and landscape; her use of glazed layers, painting across defined lines creates depth and atmosphere.

Jo was elected Associate Member of the RBSA in May 2004, and has work in private and corporate collections in England, Scotland, Ireland and Europe.