Caroline Clarke

Caroline Clarke draws her inspiration from her passion for nature and everything it encompasses. Her love of wild life and the sea is reflected in her paintings. Caroline was born in Cumbria but spent most of her early years in central and east Africa. Notably, she was never seen without her camera in the pursuit of nature. In the 80’s she moved into the Namibian desert, and later to Cape Town, where she combined her love of sailing and exploration to experience the diversity of the sea, the land and the incredible animals around her.

In the last 25 years Caroline moved from photography to painting since living between England and Ireland. After spending some time in Arizona she and her husband returned to Ireland, the birthplace of her father and where her heart lives.

Though Caroline began with a camera she has since recaptured the images and memories of her experiences onto canvas. Working mostly in oils and acrylics on large canvasses her art draws on her passion for life and reflects the communication she has with the natural environment. Her work gives you the feeling of being there and captures the wisdom of her experience.

Caroline’s artwork has been sold around the world from Cape Town to the UK, the USA, Australia and Ireland as commissioned pieces and referrals